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About Us

Welcome to Joyful Samoyeds!  We are a family who loves Samoyeds and are working hard to help preserve this wonderful breed!  We had our first litter in fall of 2006 and have enjoyed seeing new life ever since.   Our goal is to preserve the breed and provide other families with excellent companions in the process.  We care a lot about our dogs and their puppies, and we also care about the puppies' new families.


All of our adult Samoyeds are family companions and remain with us for life.  We do not sell our adults when they retire from breeding.  They stay with us as pets.  We believe they are part of our family and should stay with us.  They are also one of the best sources of genetic information that there is.  Keeping our dogs their whole lives helps us know what is in our bloodline. 


As stated earlier, our goal is to preserve the breed as described in the AKC breed standard.  This includes health, temperament and conformation.   When we select dogs for breeding we take the whole dog into consideration. This goes down to things even like density of bone and color.  Samoyeds are often advertised as all white, fluffy dogs, but actually the original Samoyeds were biscuit colored and the breed standard says they can be white, cream, biscuit or biscuit and white.   Many people prefer the white, and the biscuit has nearly gone extinct. 


The discovery has been made that the gene that holds the biscuit color also holds the jet black pigment, dark eyes and beautiful topcoat.  All that said, this does not mean that we are breeding specifically for biscuit colored Samoyeds (most of our dogs and puppies are pure white with a few that have a small biscuit spot that goes unnoticed until you are giving them a bath.)  It just means that we do our best to look at the whole dog and take everything that we can into consideration.


Healthy puppies start with healthy parents.  We understand that it starts with good genetics. When we were looking to add to our gene pool, we found that the gene pool in the United States and Canada is surprisingly limited. We ended up having to import a few of our Samoyeds from different countries to add diversity to our gene pool. 

Healthy genetics thrives on healthy nutrition.  Have you ever heard that you are what you eat? :)  Well, that goes with dogs and their puppies too.  We have seen a remarkable difference in the looks and health of Samoyeds depending on what they eat. We continually feed top quality food that is corn, soy, and by-product free to both our adults and their puppies so that they look and feel their best.  


Thanks for coming to our site! We hope you enjoy the pictures of the puppies and dogs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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